Sunday Buffet

$24.90            Free meals for Kids under 12 years of age

Two non-veg curries (Lamb / Beef or Chicken), Chutneys, Rice and one or more of the following Hot Dosa’s / Puri’s will be available on a random basis:

  • Dosa – Rice & Lentil pancake cooked on hotplate until golden brown served with coconut chutney & sambar. It is rich in carbohydrates & protein.
  • Vada – a savoury fritter-type snack from South India made from dal, lentil, gram flour or potato. Vadas are a typical street food in the Indian Subcontinent
  • Idli – Steamed lentil & rice cakes served with sambar & Chutney. Very popular South Indian light snack. The fermentation process breaks down the starches so that they are readily metabolized by the body
  • Upma – Upma is a South Indian breakfast dish. It is usually made with refined wheat grains, called “suji”. A variety of upmas can be made with either vermicelli &thick, brown wheat grains.
  • Uttapam – A thick pancake made of batter of rice & black lentils. Uttapam is sometimes called an Indian pizza or pancake, served with sambar.
  • Sambhar – Vegetable stew based on broth made with tamarind & toor dal
  • Pav Bhaji – Warm buns served with mashed mix curry in traditional authentic style. “pav” means bread, & “bhaji” is a potato based curry. The origin of this dish is traced to the heyday of the textile mills in Mumbai.
  • Chhole Bhutura – A very popular North Indian dish of spicy chick peas & fried breads called bhutura made of plain flour
  • Puri Bhaji – The puri-bhaji combination is mostly associated with the state of Maharashtra. The combo of the hot puris and the potato vegetable is nourishing, with the goodness of wheat and the carb filled vegetable.

Includes Desserts – Chef’s choice

Indian Tandoori Buffet