About Indian Tandoori

albnewIndian Tandoori Restaurant in Albury, now situated at 437 Dean Street, Albury, was established in 1998 & has since become a local favorite. This award winning restaurant caters for traditional North Indian & Goan cuisines, & has a menu which is changed from time to time to tickle the taste buds. We do not compromise quality for price.

Indian Tandoori Restaurant at Wodonga, was opened in 2007 and is proving popular with Wodonga residents, thus adding more quality Indian dinning options in the North East & BorderĀ  Regions.

We appreciate regular contact with our customers, via:
1. Filling in our feedback form
2. Remarks in our visitors books available in all restaurants
3. Telephone
4. Correspondence by post or email
5. Through our web site.

This correspondence has enabled us to understand and meet our customers’ expectations. We would be happy to receive your feedback for our improvement, so that we may serve our esteemed guests properly.

All restaurants:chefnew

  • are fully air conditioned
  • have coffee machines
  • have candles on the tables
  • we have also recently introduced electronic billing in our restaurants.

We have fully qualified chefs from India. Our chefs have worked in reputable hotels and restaurants in their country of origin, ensuring you have only the best original recipes to enjoy.